The Studio Range is designed to allow multiple units with different outputs to be daisy-chained in a 225A 3Ø power scheme. The product line features double neutral pass-thrus and Cam Lok covers over the phase outputs. Also included are power indicators on the inputs and outputs, as well as a ground/neutral fault indicator.

The Studio Range of products is floor standing and finished with a rugged black epoxy powder coating. A heavy-duty handle is included. The line is ETL listed and built to conform to UL 1640 or UL508A.
12-100% rated 208v 20a circuits, 24 channels
(4-Socapex compatible outputs)
1 20a Edison duplex
6-100% rated 208v 20a circuits, 12 channels
(12-L6-20 twist outputs)
24-100% rated 110v 20a circuits, 24 channels
(4-Socapex compatible outputs)
1-20a Edison duplex
6-100% rated 110v 100a circuits, 6 channels
(6-110a pin outputs)
1-20a Edison duplex
4-100% rated 125/250v, or 3Ø 255v 50a circuits,
4 channels (4-Hubble CS range twist outputs)
4-100% rated 120/220v 30a circuits, 4 channels
(4-L21-30 5 wire 30a twist outputs)
225a 3Ø breaker switch
100a 3Ø breaker switch
All of QED's products are built to the highest construction standards. The internal wiring is loomed and labeled to allow ease of maintenance and inspection. Only high quality components are used throughout. The format, design and layouts are based on years of touring and show experience, taking into account space and power demands. The construction and finish are designed to protect your investment during years of use in the demanding field of portable power distribution.

All QED distro's have the following features in common.
Built to conform to or exceed NEC, and UL 1640 portable power distribution standards.
All branch current breakers are Airpax LEL magnetic T2 range. These breakers are 100% duty cycle rated at their specified current rating.
All internal wiring is 125 deg C rated.
All products are finished with a durable epoxy powder coating.
Power indicator on both the inputs and outputs.
Cam lok covers on the phase outputs.
Download product sheet
studiodistro.pdf (105Kb)