The Motor Control Remotes feature simple control circuitry with top quality components housed in highly visible rugged cases. They also include military standard ¼ turn contactors. Both the 8-way and 16-way use a single 16-channel connector while the 32-way uses two 16-channel connectors. This makes the remotes fully interchangeable between the distro units.

The large format motor controller has a double-safety feature, and is available with either a Dead Man or E-Stop system. A low voltage relay only allows power to the control circuits when the Dead Man ('GO') button is pressed on the remote handset. A high-current contactor is wired either to the E-Stop or in parallel with the Dead man system. This means that both power and control are removed from the motors when either the Dead Man or the E-Stop system is engaged. The smaller 8-way controllers feature the low voltage relay.
32-Channel Controller
16-Channel Controller
8-Channel Handgrip
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