QED's Totally Forgettable Distro
Two years ago, entertainment industry veteran Paul Edwards saw an opportunity to solve a long term problem. Over the years, he had been frustrated trying to find a vendor to build the quality power distribution and motor control equipment he wanted. And he knew that others in the production world had felt the same way. So he decided to do it himself – and Quantum Energy Devices LLC (QED) was born.

Power distribution represents a major investment that no one wants to think too much about after they purchase it. And although it represents one of the parts of an equipment package with the highest safety requirements, it is often purchased based on the lowest possible price and sometimes provided by vendors for whom it is an afterthought or a sideline.

Quantum Energy Devices' mainstream business is to design and manufacture power distribution products so rugged, so well-engineered and well-constructed that they work reliably and safely day after day in the adverse environment that is our industry, with a minimum of service. And all QED products are fully ETL listed – they don't just use ETL approved components. Also, each product is built to conform to either UL 1640 or UL 508a.

From the rugged, Epoxy-coated enclosures to the top-of-the-line Airpax fully magnetic breakers, down to the beautifully loomed internal wiring, these are products that are built to last.